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Have fun and learn about the responsible handling of firearms with a wide selection of salute cannons, carbide cannons, cannon kits, and accessories for all price ranges at CannonsForFun.com.

Introduce your family and friends to the long tradition of using cannons to celebrate national holidays, entertain and instruct children, or simply enjoy the experience of sound, fire, and smoke.

Building a model cannon is fun

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See Great New Photos of the Napoleon III Salute Cannon Up Close and In Action.

Salute and Signal Model Cannons Salute and Signal Model Cannon Kits Carbide/Big-Bang® Model Cannons
Mini Napoleon III Model Cannon Mini Old Ironsides Model Cannon Kit Yellow Brass Model Cannon
$279 $219 $229.95

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        When choosing the model cannon or cannon kit that's right for your family, there are a couple of things that you'll want to keep in mind: How old are your children, where are you going to be enjoying your model cannon, and what are your local ordinances? See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information and suggestions.

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        If you are seeking backyard entertainment in a suburban setting or have younger children, the selection of a carbide model cannon may be most appropriate. For older children or for rural settings or holiday celebrations or for historic re-enactments, the black powder model cannons or cannon kits are the most realistic and challenging, with a muzzle flash, a satisfying boom, and billows of smoke.

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